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The emotional connection buyers make with a home can start before they even reach the front door. In fact, today most buyers’ first view of a home will be online. That’s why we focus on producing the best visual experience by creating spaces people will want to call their own. So, whether they’re viewing professional photos online or walking through the front door for the very first time, our job is to have it… “Sold at First Sight.”

Professionally staged homes:

  • Average 73% less time on the market
  • Showcase better and look more attractive online
  • Typically sell for more
  • Are seen as well-maintained and move‐in ready
  • Prompt fewer concessions from sellers

When it comes to home staging, everyone benefits:


We can help make the process of getting your home “market ready” less of an inconvenience, taking into consideration your timeline and budget. Staging is a smart investment towards a higher and quicker return on the sale of your home.

Our goal? Letting you focus on the fun stuff: finding and decorating your new dream home.


Whether you’ve got a gem with an awkward space, a fixer-upper, or a luxury estate, Front Door Staging is your trusted partner, dedicated to delivering the highest return possible.

We offer a simple turnkey process that makes both you and your listing look great. And for “problem properties” we’ll gladly be the ones to sell the benefits of staging to your client—freeing you to focus on what you do best- negotiating offers and selling homes.


With our broad real estate industry experience, Front Door Staging understands that, for you, moving homes is a business, which means minimizing your time and maximizing your ROI.

That’s why we handle everything from choosing the best accents to compliment your improvements to leaving you with a move-in ready home, letting you turn more properties faster, for more profit—and freeing you to pursue the next opportunity.


Front Door Staging helps showcase homes by bringing out the extraordinary in even the most ordinary spaces. The proof is in our work—and our reputation.


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